Thursday, December 9, 2010

Operation Giggle Stateside Info

Hi everyone! I want to let you know about Operation Giggle Stateside. We have 9 families who live in a trailer park near our church. Because of the economy these families will not be having a Christmas if we don't do something. Below is a list of the families and a little information about the children. If you would like to sponsor a family by buying (at least) one warm outfit of clothes and a toy for each child as well as some small gift for the parents, or household item that the adults can share please send an email to these items will need to be purchased and shipped so that we can deliver them on Christmas Eve. If you would just like to donate money to help in this cause please use our PAY PAL button and make sure you put FOR OPERATION GIGGLE STATESIDE in the notes section. Jesus commissioned us to go into all the world but he directed his disciples to start where they were and expand...this is an opportunity for Operation Giggle to make a difference right here in Cleveland, TN. Thank you all for participating!

If a families information is in red that means they have been sponsored.

#1 Husband and Wife and 2 children

3 year old Boy 4T-5T. He likes wrestling toys or cars

7 month old Girl sizes: 6-9 months. Baby toys

#2 Husband and Wife and 1 child

4 year old Boy 4T-5T. He likes Spiderman and wrestling men.

#3 Husband and Wife and 3 grandchildren

12 year old Girl, Size 12.

11 year old Girl, Size 12.

6 year old Girl, Size 6.

#4 3 Adults and 3 kids

8 year old Girl, Size 10-12. She likes DSI games.

6 year old Boy, Size 7. He likes cars and trucks.

8 year old Girl, Size 12-14. She likes DSI games.

#5 Husband and Wife and 2 kids

11 year old Boy, Size 10. He would like underwear (size 8), gloves, toboggan, and video games.

8 year old Boy, Size 8. He would like gloves, toboggan and video games.

#6 Woman and 3 kids

18 month old Girl, Size 24 months. Hat, mittens and boots (size 7-8).

13 year old Girl, Size 16 slim pants, and medium shirts. Would like school uniform clothes (collared shirts) and would like video games.

16 year old Girl, Jr/Miss Size 11 pants, and XL shirt. Would like hair stuff.

#7 Three adults and 1 child

15 month old (Checking on gender). Size 18 months. Would like boots (size 6)

#8 Husband and wife and 5 children

15 year old boy, Size 32x34 pants, XL shirt. Likes music.

12 year old girl, Size 6 pants and medium shirt (in women’s). Would like a Jacket.

12 year old girl, Size 4 (Jr/Miss) pants and Medium shirt. Would like a jacket.

11 year old girl, Size 00 pants (Jr/Miss) and Small shirt. Would like a jacket.

8 year old girl, Size 8 pants and shirt. Would like a baby alive and doll stuff.

#9 Mom and 2 kids

9 year old boy, size 10. Would like soccer stuff.

4 year old girl, size 4T. Likes Hannah Montana.

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