Saturday, November 28, 2009

One Week Away!

With less than a week to go I wanted to update the site again. I have a few quick things to go over.

I still have 17 gifts that I haven't gotten. Out of those 6 are local families and I know they will be bringing theirs to the wrapping party. So I really only have 11 more gifts that I am waiting on. If you haven't mailed your gift please email me and let me know the status!

The wrapping/shipping party will be next Sunday at 3 p.m. at Fairview Worship Center in Cleveland TN. If you are local please come out and help us!

I need a few extras! If you never got to sign up for a child but would like to help I have a few "light" presents and I would love for some extras to make everything even. Please email me at if you would like to help.

The shipping fund has $1007.75 (18.97 is Milk Money) at this moment. We need to raise $511.22 in the next week. If you have an extra $10 laying around please go on pay pal and send it our way. It will be put to good use! If 25 families send an extra $20 in it would take care of the rest of the shipping. My family will be family number 1 so I just need 24 more families!!!

If you are local I need help over the next week! I need someone to pick up pallets, I need someone to help haul boxes to the church, I need wrapping paper, tape, bows, ect. Please email me if you can help!

Don't forget the raffle! We will be drawing next Sunday for both dresses and the wall art!!! Please be sure to enter.

3 ways to enter

1. Donate $2.00 and put for Dress #1 in the notes section
2. Post about Operation Giggle on your blog (and then post a comment on our blog telling me you did so!)
3. Send out a mass email about Operation Giggle and copy me on it (

God Bless You All!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009 I can't add!

Just wanted to update you on the New Day shipping...if you know me outside of the blogging world you know that I am BAD with math. It is a running joke around here...well I just double checked my Excel formulas and it turns out I had added two "cells" in two times each so our actual total is $952.75 and $18.97 of that is Milk Money so we have $933.78 toward shipping. We still need to raise $566.22. If you haven't sent your gift in yet please include a donation to help ship it if at all possible. If you did not sponsor a child but still want to help you may do so by clicking the donate now button on the right side of this blog.

Just in case you haven't looked at the comment posted by a reader (Meliske) below I wanted to repost it here...

Oh my goodness! What a small world this is! This weekend some very close family friends traveled to Ethiopia from Washington with 4 suitcases- 1 suitcase of clothes and 3 suitcases of gifts donated for the children in the orphanage! Brian and Alex, daddy and big brother (9 yrs old) carried the gifts you sent. They were not charged any extra fee, due to what was inside the suitcases, and they arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your prayers, as they protected some people who are very dear to my heart. Alex and Brian have met their newest addition, a beautiful 21 month old girl, and they will all be returning to Washington this Saturday, where mommy and another big brother and a big sister are waiting.

Praise God for his provision and protection over this family. God is SO good! Pray for this family as they continue their journey home!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

In Christ Alone,


Monday, November 23, 2009


If you would like to help get everything ready to ship for the New Day Children please let me know. We will be meeting on Sunday December 6th at 3 p.m.

I will post more information as it becomes available!



Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Day Shipping Update

I am very glad to tell you that after reviewing all of the donations that have poured in over the last week we now have $916.56 toward shipping and $ 18.97 toward Milk Money. Thank you all so much. If you haven't sent your package yet please try to send some shipping money to help get your package to China. We still need over $500 for shipping and we would like to raise more for Milk Money! Praise the Lord for people to partner with that are so giving!

God Bless You All!


Need Your Info!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Things are going so wonderful!

If you have made any sort of donation or sent a gift or donated time or anything at all please send your name and address along with a short discription of what you did to my email address ... something like this:

Sherri D. Roe
452 Main Street
Somewheresville, TN 78936

I bought for Joe Doe and donated money to shipping.

Thank you all so much!

God Bless!


Friday, November 20, 2009

The packages arrived!!!

I spoke to the YWAM group in Washington tonight and they got the packages! It should be on its way to Ethiopia later tonight. Please pray for those carrying the gifts and for an easy trip through customs. Please pray that our gifts will arrive unharmed and completely untouched. PRAISE GOD THAT WE MADE IT THIS FAR! Because of God's blessing and your obedience we have touched the lives of over 80 children, women and several young men. Thank you God for providing everything we needed!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Psalms 30:2 Kind of Day

Psalms 30:2 says O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.

That was the kind of day I had yesterday. I was in so much pain Saturday. Pain that was so bad I was in tears. I hate that kind of pain.

I got into a chair at home on Saturday night and sat their on the heating pad hurting so much. Finally I got into bed with the help of my family and I spent a horrible night tossing and turning. So tired but awaken time and again by pain. Sometime in the morning I got up to use the bathroom it took me forever just to walk the short distance to my bathroom and do my business and get back in bed. I just couldn't even think about spending the whole day like that. I wanted to worship the Lord and enjoy myself I had the Operation Giggle meeting and I just wanted to be WHOLE. I was laying in my bed with my wonderful husband and my son. My dauther was asleep (not for long). I told Mitch that I was going to have my dad (who is also our Bishop) to lay hands on me and pray for me when we got to church. I started just saying alound how I knew that God could save me. How I knew that Jesus said that FAITH could make us whole. I believe that. I believe that God has good plans for me and that He loves me and doesn't want me to live in pain. Well I was laying there and I thought wow I'm not hurting so I moved a pain...I sat up (took me 3 minutes to set up when I went to the bathroom) NO PAIN, I stood up...NO PAIN, I walked NO PAIN, I ran...NO PAIN...I shouted (and woke my sleeping daughter up). NO PAIN. God is so good. I asked and he answered. Thank you heavenly father!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Praise The Lord!

First I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who showed up today. Everything went great!!! We have all of the gifts ready to pack except for just a couple that have been mailed but haven't arrived yet. We did take some pictures and I'm going to see if I can get those emailed to me so that I can post them here. I am just amazed at what God has done. He has taken care of 83 YWAM children completly. I have a few more figures to run but I also believe that the shipping has been taken care of. Praise God! I am hoping to get everything mailed by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the latest please pray for me while I try to tie up all the loose ends. Have a great weekend.

P.S. God healed my back I'll post more about that later!


Today is the day!

Don't forget we are meeting today (go to the Events tab for more information). I have had a couple of donors back out. So I have two children that need gifts purchased for them. I also have two children who need $25 sponsors. If you are local and could buy for the two children please email me at and let me know. If you aren't local but could donate the money for the gifts let me know that as well. If you want to be a $25 donor please email me as well. Please keep us in your prayer if you are to far away to make it today!

God Bless!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Down to the wire!

Good Morning everyone! I am so excited about what God is going to do this weekend. Please be in prayer for my church today we are doing our 5th annual Dirt to Destiny Women's Conference. I am having a fit out of my back, I had surgery on it a couple of years ago and it seems to have picked the busiest weekend I've had in a year to act up. I beg for your prayers during this day. I will not be able to check email or this site until after 4 EST.

Now on to Operation Giggle stuff...I still haven't recieved all of the gifts please email me and let me know if you HAVE NOT mailed your gift for the YWAM children. (New Day (China) gifts are not due until Dec 1st). We still need to raise around $50 for shipping. Praise God for helping us find cheaper options and for the donors who have given so far. Please be much in prayer that everything will go smoothly over the next few days due to our TIGHT timeframe. I will be sitting down tonight to email each of the sponsor's that I haven't gotten gifts for (except for those of you who email me and tell me you haven't mailed them). We are believing God for everything to work out just fine for these children. I am standing on His promises and believing him to take care of everything. God Bless!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Important Prayer Request

Thank you all for everything you have done so far!

Please pray about the shipping cost to Washington. When we first looked at those costs we thought we would be shipping about 50 lbs worth of gifts now it has turned into 150. We need to come up with funds to take care of this. Please let me know if you have any ideas at all.

If you think your church would be willing to take up an offering to help or if you know of a business that might help sponsor shipping please let me know. I am waiting on prices from a couple of shipping companies but at this time it looks like it may cost between $500-$750 in shipping. I know that God didn't bring us this far to leave us and I also know that this doesn't surprise him. He is all knowing. Please pray about this matter.

In Christ Alone,


Monday, November 9, 2009

5 p.m. November 11, 2009

2 YWAM Children Left!!! Yippee Jesus!!! Get the word out! We need two more sponsor's in the next 2 days!!!

In Tears...

I just had a chance to sit down and open up some of the gifts that have been sent so far and WOW! You guys are awesome I can't wait for the kids to get these gifts. Thanks for the extra in shipping too! We have another $45 toward the shipping now!

If you are helping in the YWAM (Ethiopia) program please make sure you mail your gifts out in the next couple of days I need them by Friday (Saturday at the latest).

Also if you are making a donation on-line please make it by Thursday night if possible so that I can transfer everything on Friday. Thanks again!!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm a football girl...I don't mean I wear orange on game day and claim to be a football fan I mean I LOVE football. My Dad had two daughters and we loved what he loved. This love carried over into my adult life so on any given Saturday you will find my husband and I are watching any football game that we can find on TV. I love college football (GO VOLS! Hey I know everyone who reads this is from all different places and I'm sure you may not follow my obsession but hey...I'm writing here :-)!)  I also love high school football. We have season tickets to the games at our local high school (GO BEARS!) and we have had them for dad had his when I was in high school so lets just say it's been longer than a decade! I said all of that to say I know football terms and if you don't let me explain the title...two-a-days refers to the time at the end of the summer right before the season begins when the coaches hold two practices a day. This week is also referred to with other names by the players but none that I'm willing to post :-)! It is a hard time. The players are tired and want to rest but the coaches ask for more...twice as much! Well guess what?! It's time for two-a-days for all of us! We are down to the last 6 days of Operation Giggle YWAM's sponsor drive and we can't get tired and stop!

We have 12 children left to get sponsored that means we need TWO-A-DAY! So please post about this, send emails, announce it at your church, whatever you can do to get the word out PLEASE DO IT! Post about it on Facebook and Myspace...Put up a flyer at work (I can email you one if you want to do that). Get creative!!! Please help us FINISH STRONG!

Also please make plans to attend the Wrapping/Shipping Party and help us get everything packed and ready. (Click on EVENTS at the top of the page to get details about that!)

Thank you all so much for being the HANDS and FEET of JESUS to these children!!!!

Update on Raffle

We need to raise quite a bit of shipping for the NEW DAY project so we have had an item added to our raffle. I have a few more items that I will be adding soon I hope.

Right now we still have Dress #1. This is a size 2T and it is handmade!

Now I want to add something I am so EXCITED about...if you read Carrie's blog you  might remember when she got a gift from a friend here in the states. It was scripture for her wall...if you were like me you were thinking, "I wish I knew who that was I would love to get one of those for my wall!!" Well the woman behind the beautiful word art is Valerie and she has donated a wall art to our raffle. The winner will get to chose between two scriptures and two color choices black over white or black over gold...

Option 1:
Verse: "They will know us by our love."

Size: 28" width
Colors: Black and White or Black and Gold to winner's specs!

Option 2:
"For I know the plans ..."
Size: approx. 34" width
Colors: Black and White or Black and Gold to winner's specs!

What a great prize! Thanks Valerie!!! (Can I just pause here to say I have met some of the most wonderful people on this journey! God continues to send me "sisters" along the way to remind me that I'm not in this alone... Julie, Valerie, Chrystie, Kelli, Tara (both of you), Tina, Jeanette oh I could list names all day but you guys know who you are and more than that God knows who you are! But Valerie has done something no one else has...she joined me on my CHOCOLATE!!! Thank goodness that only lasted one weekend! Anyway what I really want to say is thank you all SO VERY MUCH!)

Ok so back to the reason for this you want one of the items I listed above? If so you must "buy a ticket" you do so by donating at least $2.00 and putting Raffle...and the item you want (either dress, or wall art) in the notes of your donation. We will be charged a small fee by Pay Pal for each donation so if you want to donate more that would be great!!! Thanks for your support!!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Faces at New Day! (Updated)

We've had two families sponsor these cuties! Thanks so much for your support!

New Day Foster Home has a few new faces! Click "here" to read all about it! There are three new babies that came this week and a couple of other new cuties that have arrived over the last few weeks. We have two children that we still need sponsor's for. Lindsey and Jennifer click "here" to see thier pictures. Please let me know if you would be willing to sponsor one of these cuties. The deadline for the gifts to be to me is December 1st. Please email me at if you want more information!

In Christ Alone,


"Shipping/Wrapping Party" (updated)

Calling all troops...

At least the local ones that is!

We will be meeting on
Sunday November 15th from 2-4:30 p.m. at the
Fellowship Hall of Fairview Worship Center.

The address is 5545 Runway Drive NW Cleveland TN 37312. (Turn left off of North Lee Hwy as soon as you pass Galaxy Bowling. Make the first right and you will see the Church over to your left. The Fellowship Hall is the brick building)

We will be preparing all the gifts for shipping. We need the following supplies...please email me if you are bringing supplies so that I can be sure we don't have 100 rolls of ribbon and no tape :-)!

2 gallon zip lock bags
Christmas Name Tags
Christmas Cards

we also still need T-shirts, Underwear, and Socks for the Gimbie Care Packages.

Also I had someone find 6 polo shirts (mediums and smalls) for a good price at Tar*et. If you find any polo shirts that are a good price I would love to have 19 more so that we could send each child one. * The person who purchased the first 6 shirts said she would be glad to go get more if someone wanted to help out with the cost. $3 each so if you are interested in donating the additonal $50 bucks or so then shoot me an email! Maybe you know a business that would be willing to donate shirts to the cause. Please let me know if you can help out with this.

We have 12 Gimbie Children that still need sponsor's please pray about sponsoring one of these children for $25. Also we will have to ship the gifts to Washington and we will be having some expense to do that. If you would like to help on the shipping please donate using the button on the right side of the blog and put YWAM Shipping in the Notes section or just bring the money with you on Sunday.


Thanks so much for all of your help. I know it makes God smile to see His children come together to help these precious kiddo's!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where we stand!

I just want to take a minute to let you all know where we stand with all of our projects.

We have $251.86 toward our goal of $1500 for shipping for our New Day project. This leaves $1248.14 to be raised in the next 30 days. I know that looks big but I trust God to give us the ability to raise these funds.

So we are going to do a couple of things to try to raise that money.

1. We have donation buckets set up at local business if you know of somewhere else we should put a bucket email me.

2. Starting today anyone that comments on this post and says that they have blogged about our frieght need or have sent out a mass email about the need will be entered in a drawing to win this dress:

Isn't it so cute! It is a size 1 ( chest size 18 "), it is a pattern from the hand made dress website (also an adoption family ). We want to thank Kathy at for making this dress for us along with dress #1 that is currently being raffled off. Here is Dress #1 again just in case you missed it:

You can win Dress #1 by donating $2.50 or more with the Pay Pal button. For everytime you donate that amount and put Dress #1 in the notes you will get your name in the hat for Dress #1 I will draw for both of these dresses on December 3rd at the Wrapping Party! I will post the winner the same day!

Unfortunatly at this time I have had no donations for the milk program. Please forward our information to anyone that you think might wish to help.


We have 12 more Gimbie children to get sponsored.

I am working on sending "care bags" to the Gimbie children I still need 25 of the following Items for the bags:

Boys T-Shirts
Boys Underware

If you can provide some of these items please email me at

Unfortunatly at this time I have had no donations for the food program. Please forward our information to anyone that you think might wish to help.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More info on the Gimbie Street Children (updated)

We just got some new information we aren't going to be able to get photo's of the street kids in Gimbie. We are going to get names and ages (hopefully). Right now all I know is there are 25 of them so I am just going to look for 25 sponsors to do a $25 donation for the Gimbie children. If you would like to be one of those 25 people please let me know. We are going to take care of the Christmas Card's for these boys so we just need sponsor's. Thank you for being God's hands and feet for these children!!!

I will keep this number updated so that you know where we stand! Rally your troops we need $25 sponsor's in less than two weeks!!!!


Also the little one below is taken now! Thanks Chrystie!!!
Also I have one quick update we have a new little one at the Widows and Orphan's home who needs a $25/Christmas Card sponsor. Please email me if you would like to sponsor this sweet little boy.
Kibrom - 15 months old - boy

He is at the Widows & Orphans Home and is being adopted so we can't post a picture.
His mother is sick with AIDS and his father is unknown He is the only child of his mother. Because his mother is infected with HIV and is not doing well, she cannot work and cannot provide the nutrition and care she knows Baby K needs. She has asked YWAM to find a good family for her sweet baby.


The children that are in the 4th and final group of YWAM children are the Street Kids from Gimbie.

If you haven't read about these kids please go now and read "Blog 1" and "Blog 2" I DARE YOU!

It will change you...I know it changed me...It changes me every time I look into those beautiful brown eyes. It leaves me more and more BROKEN to the cause of adoption and caring for the orphaned and widowed in general. I pray that you take time to read these posts today and allow it to leave your heart BROKEN so that God can put it back together and make it look a little more like His.

I will be listing each one of these children by name and giving a little background on them later today. But until them get to know the Street Kids of Gimbie and ask God to protect and provide for them today. Remember there are no Orphan's of God...He knows and loves each one of us including the Street Kids of Gimbie.

Because of Christ,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Praise God! (updated)

Well today has been a wonderful day. My son got baptized tonight it was wonderful. After church I checked my email and now we have all of the children taken care of in the first three YWAM groups.

I do have one more group of children, 25 of them to be exact, that I want to help. All of these children will needed supporters to give $25 and a Christmas Card.

I will be posting those additional 25 as soon as I get the information from YWAM.

Praising God for Answered Prayers,