Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on Raffle

We need to raise quite a bit of shipping for the NEW DAY project so we have had an item added to our raffle. I have a few more items that I will be adding soon I hope.

Right now we still have Dress #1. This is a size 2T and it is handmade!

Now I want to add something I am so EXCITED about...if you read Carrie's blog you  might remember when she got a gift from a friend here in the states. It was scripture for her wall...if you were like me you were thinking, "I wish I knew who that was I would love to get one of those for my wall!!" Well the woman behind the beautiful word art is Valerie and she has donated a wall art to our raffle. The winner will get to chose between two scriptures and two color choices black over white or black over gold...

Option 1:
Verse: "They will know us by our love."

Size: 28" width
Colors: Black and White or Black and Gold to winner's specs!

Option 2:
"For I know the plans ..."
Size: approx. 34" width
Colors: Black and White or Black and Gold to winner's specs!

What a great prize! Thanks Valerie!!! (Can I just pause here to say I have met some of the most wonderful people on this journey! God continues to send me "sisters" along the way to remind me that I'm not in this alone... Julie, Valerie, Chrystie, Kelli, Tara (both of you), Tina, Jeanette oh I could list names all day but you guys know who you are and more than that God knows who you are! But Valerie has done something no one else has...she joined me on my CHOCOLATE!!! Thank goodness that only lasted one weekend! Anyway what I really want to say is thank you all SO VERY MUCH!)

Ok so back to the reason for this you want one of the items I listed above? If so you must "buy a ticket" you do so by donating at least $2.00 and putting Raffle...and the item you want (either dress, or wall art) in the notes of your donation. We will be charged a small fee by Pay Pal for each donation so if you want to donate more that would be great!!! Thanks for your support!!!


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