Monday, November 2, 2009

More info on the Gimbie Street Children (updated)

We just got some new information we aren't going to be able to get photo's of the street kids in Gimbie. We are going to get names and ages (hopefully). Right now all I know is there are 25 of them so I am just going to look for 25 sponsors to do a $25 donation for the Gimbie children. If you would like to be one of those 25 people please let me know. We are going to take care of the Christmas Card's for these boys so we just need sponsor's. Thank you for being God's hands and feet for these children!!!

I will keep this number updated so that you know where we stand! Rally your troops we need $25 sponsor's in less than two weeks!!!!


Also the little one below is taken now! Thanks Chrystie!!!
Also I have one quick update we have a new little one at the Widows and Orphan's home who needs a $25/Christmas Card sponsor. Please email me if you would like to sponsor this sweet little boy.
Kibrom - 15 months old - boy

He is at the Widows & Orphans Home and is being adopted so we can't post a picture.
His mother is sick with AIDS and his father is unknown He is the only child of his mother. Because his mother is infected with HIV and is not doing well, she cannot work and cannot provide the nutrition and care she knows Baby K needs. She has asked YWAM to find a good family for her sweet baby.


  1. We will take baby K if he is still available.

  2. Great Chrystie I have given you baby K!