Monday, November 2, 2009


The children that are in the 4th and final group of YWAM children are the Street Kids from Gimbie.

If you haven't read about these kids please go now and read "Blog 1" and "Blog 2" I DARE YOU!

It will change you...I know it changed me...It changes me every time I look into those beautiful brown eyes. It leaves me more and more BROKEN to the cause of adoption and caring for the orphaned and widowed in general. I pray that you take time to read these posts today and allow it to leave your heart BROKEN so that God can put it back together and make it look a little more like His.

I will be listing each one of these children by name and giving a little background on them later today. But until them get to know the Street Kids of Gimbie and ask God to protect and provide for them today. Remember there are no Orphan's of God...He knows and loves each one of us including the Street Kids of Gimbie.

Because of Christ,


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