Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm a football girl...I don't mean I wear orange on game day and claim to be a football fan I mean I LOVE football. My Dad had two daughters and we loved what he loved. This love carried over into my adult life so on any given Saturday you will find my husband and I are watching any football game that we can find on TV. I love college football (GO VOLS! Hey I know everyone who reads this is from all different places and I'm sure you may not follow my obsession but hey...I'm writing here :-)!)  I also love high school football. We have season tickets to the games at our local high school (GO BEARS!) and we have had them for dad had his when I was in high school so lets just say it's been longer than a decade! I said all of that to say I know football terms and if you don't let me explain the title...two-a-days refers to the time at the end of the summer right before the season begins when the coaches hold two practices a day. This week is also referred to with other names by the players but none that I'm willing to post :-)! It is a hard time. The players are tired and want to rest but the coaches ask for more...twice as much! Well guess what?! It's time for two-a-days for all of us! We are down to the last 6 days of Operation Giggle YWAM's sponsor drive and we can't get tired and stop!

We have 12 children left to get sponsored that means we need TWO-A-DAY! So please post about this, send emails, announce it at your church, whatever you can do to get the word out PLEASE DO IT! Post about it on Facebook and Myspace...Put up a flyer at work (I can email you one if you want to do that). Get creative!!! Please help us FINISH STRONG!

Also please make plans to attend the Wrapping/Shipping Party and help us get everything packed and ready. (Click on EVENTS at the top of the page to get details about that!)

Thank you all so much for being the HANDS and FEET of JESUS to these children!!!!

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  1. Thank you sooo much Sherri! I've posted on our Facebook page too! And it's going out in our newsletter on Monday. You're the best!