Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Operation Giggle 2015

For the last 4.5 years this blog has sat dormant. I just couldn't bring myself to delete it. And now I know why!

Operation Giggle is BACK!!!

I'm excited to announce that we will renew our efforts to bring the joy of Christmas to orphaned children.

In the fall of 2009, fresh off a trip with my best friend to pick up her daughter from a small province in China, I answered the Lord's call to serve orphans from my home in Tennessee.

For two years we served two orphanages (one in China and one in Ethiopia). Due to health concerns and a busy season of life we discontinued the program in Spring of 2011. I have thought about getting things started back up several times. I just didn't know where to start. Both contacts at the orphanages we served before had moved back to the states and I wasn't sure how to get the ball rolling again.

I'm excited to say that we will be partnering with EmmaLee Joy and The Gem Foundation to bring Christmas to their 26 gems and the 28 members of their staff.

If you know EmmaLee you will understand why I am so excited to make this an unbelievable Christmas for her and her gems.

I wil be posting pictures of each child and staff member as well as their names, and any helpful information like their favorite color, interests, etc.

We will need a sponsor for each child and staff member as well as donors to help with the cost of shipping. I would also like to have donors supply all of the needed items for an awesome Christmas Party.

Look for more info in the coming weeks.

In the meantime check out EmmaLee's website and blog at:



Because of Him,


James 1:27

Friday, January 28, 2011

Awesome chance to help bring a child home!!!!

Hi guys I just wanted to tell you about an awesome fundraiser being done by Matt and Mandi over at The Journey Continues to bring Keliah Faith home. If you don't know Matt and Mandi they are the parents of Drew from New Day. Hop on over and look at what she's got going on I think you will be glad you did. (Also can I just say they came home less than a year ago with two boys and are already on their way to adopting Keliah Faith that kind of stamina, 3 adoptions in less than 2 years, should just be appreciated!!!) So go on over and see Mandi and give what you can to help bring home Keliah Faith!!!

In Christ Alone,


Friday, January 21, 2011

Operation Sucsessful!

I opened my email this morning and those are the words I read. Then I saw this picture:

Praise the Lord! The boxes made it! That makes it worth it. I now have to fight with Fe*Ex to make them see I don't owe $2400 but I know that will all be ironed out in the wash. I just had to share the news.

Also if you want another reason to Praise your socks off hop on over to Striving for 31 and read my bloggy friend Amber's post and you will be jumping for joy twice as high!!

Thank you God for meeting every need.

I will tell you this much when He shows out like this it really convicts me that we haven't filed our paperwork yet...anyone know what the health rules are like for back issues?

Well that is another post for another time...right now it is 4:17 am, and I woke up and couldn't sleep so I checked my email and well the rest is history!

God Bless!

In Christ Alone,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Post I have been putting off.

I have put this post off all weekend. I am afraid. I need a fresh dose of God's power here. I have talked to FedEx time and again and I am having major problems getting ANYWHERE with them. At this point they have sent me a bill for $2400 after we have already paid over $1000 for shipping. I am at the point where I am just a hair behind angry and I need this to all get worked out! I am trying one more avenue tomorrow. I am going to the place I shipped from and I am taking the bill, my reciepts and I am going to camp out until someone helps me. Please pray that we can get these gifts pushed through. I can tell you one thing next year these gifts will be shipped 2 months before Christmas. I can't deal with the stress of the kids not having them already. PLEASE PRAY that this works out! They are asking for money we do not have to be paid for the gifts to be released. At the end of my rope here...God is good ALL THE TIME and I know I am just waiting to see that goodness here!

In Christ Alone,


Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our packages have been held up in customs. They are asking for documentation that has already been sent. I resent it today. They are threatening to send the items back to us at our expense and we just do not have the funds for this. Please pray that God will grant us favor and that these gifts would be released ASAP!


Sherri D. Roe

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifts Update

Hey guys I am working on an update on the gifts. We did hit quite a few snags. First of all the surgery happened so quickly that we had not recv'd all the gifts so we had to wait until a week post surgery to ship. Then they requested some additional paperwork that I am really the only one that could get together and that was another hold up...(for those of you who don't know less than three weeks ago I had a MAJOR back surgery with several screws and rods inserted in my back, this was NOT planned and threw a wrench in EVERYTHING!) But God has provided and hopefully the gifts should be there now. I will update again as soon as possible. God Bless!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Operation Giggle Stateside Info

Hi everyone! I want to let you know about Operation Giggle Stateside. We have 9 families who live in a trailer park near our church. Because of the economy these families will not be having a Christmas if we don't do something. Below is a list of the families and a little information about the children. If you would like to sponsor a family by buying (at least) one warm outfit of clothes and a toy for each child as well as some small gift for the parents, or household item that the adults can share please send an email to operation_giggle@yahoo.com these items will need to be purchased and shipped so that we can deliver them on Christmas Eve. If you would just like to donate money to help in this cause please use our PAY PAL button and make sure you put FOR OPERATION GIGGLE STATESIDE in the notes section. Jesus commissioned us to go into all the world but he directed his disciples to start where they were and expand...this is an opportunity for Operation Giggle to make a difference right here in Cleveland, TN. Thank you all for participating!

If a families information is in red that means they have been sponsored.

#1 Husband and Wife and 2 children

3 year old Boy 4T-5T. He likes wrestling toys or cars

7 month old Girl sizes: 6-9 months. Baby toys

#2 Husband and Wife and 1 child

4 year old Boy 4T-5T. He likes Spiderman and wrestling men.

#3 Husband and Wife and 3 grandchildren

12 year old Girl, Size 12.

11 year old Girl, Size 12.

6 year old Girl, Size 6.

#4 3 Adults and 3 kids

8 year old Girl, Size 10-12. She likes DSI games.

6 year old Boy, Size 7. He likes cars and trucks.

8 year old Girl, Size 12-14. She likes DSI games.

#5 Husband and Wife and 2 kids

11 year old Boy, Size 10. He would like underwear (size 8), gloves, toboggan, and video games.

8 year old Boy, Size 8. He would like gloves, toboggan and video games.

#6 Woman and 3 kids

18 month old Girl, Size 24 months. Hat, mittens and boots (size 7-8).

13 year old Girl, Size 16 slim pants, and medium shirts. Would like school uniform clothes (collared shirts) and would like video games.

16 year old Girl, Jr/Miss Size 11 pants, and XL shirt. Would like hair stuff.

#7 Three adults and 1 child

15 month old (Checking on gender). Size 18 months. Would like boots (size 6)

#8 Husband and wife and 5 children

15 year old boy, Size 32x34 pants, XL shirt. Likes music.

12 year old girl, Size 6 pants and medium shirt (in women’s). Would like a Jacket.

12 year old girl, Size 4 (Jr/Miss) pants and Medium shirt. Would like a jacket.

11 year old girl, Size 00 pants (Jr/Miss) and Small shirt. Would like a jacket.

8 year old girl, Size 8 pants and shirt. Would like a baby alive and doll stuff.

#9 Mom and 2 kids

9 year old boy, size 10. Would like soccer stuff.

4 year old girl, size 4T. Likes Hannah Montana.