Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Hope Children

I am posting our first "wave" of children. If you see a child you would like to sponsor please send me an email at operation_giggle.yahoo.com in the subject line please put the name of the child you want to sponsor.

If you ask to sponsor a child this year things will be a bit different. First of all there will be a specific box that you will be asked to purchase. I am checking with the major retailers as well as the post office to find a box that will work for our needs and that should be available in most areas. The cost of the box will be very minimal. If you can not find the box I will mail you one after you donate the cost of the box plus the cost of shipping it to you via pay pal or by mailing me a check. I hate to have to be so strict on the boxes but if you were one of the people trying to pack ALL THOSE TOYS! And also trying to make sure the gift giving was fairly even...you would understand the need to keep the box sizes the same.

Also we would really like to have everyone who is buying a gift make some sort of donation toward shipping. The shipping prices I have gotten are over $1000 and we really need help paying that shipping. If you can not afford to do both then please let me know. I am sure we will have some people that do not have time to shop for toys but are willing to just give money toward the shipping.

Last year was such a great success! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for this year!!

So without further adieu...here are the children from New Hope!

Please remember that some children may be matched with a family if you request a child that is matched with a family and you are not that family you may be asked if you want to pick another child or be on the waiting list for that child. If the Forever Family hasn't contacted me by October 15th I will match those children with whom ever is first on the waiting list. We will be partnering with YWAM again this year to help in Ethiopia. We are still ironing out the specifics but I will let you know when I have the details.

One last note, I am working full time this year so please be patient when waiting on a response. I commute 2 hours a day work 8 hours a day and take care of my family...I am not ignoring you, just trying to do it all... I will update later in the week with a reminder of what is and is not allowed to be shipped and other important information.

I have recruited a helper...my best friend and all around cohort in crime Tara helped me get this post ready and is going to be helping me with some of the massive amount of emails I get...over 700 last year! I am so blessed to have her in my life and honored that she is working with me on this.

For now if you want to sponsor a child please send me your name, your email, and the child's name you would like to sponsor.

God Bless You All!

In Christ Alone,


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