Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wish Lists

I got an email from Carrie at New Day this morning and she has asked the staff to help us by giving ideas for the gifts that the children might enjoy. Carrie also recommended for us to send toys that don't require batteries, because they can not replace them. This is the first wave of information and she is planning on sending information on the other children as soon as it is available...HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Hannah: Stickers, color/activities books, necklace, bracelet, stuffed dog toy

Jenna: Loves toy cars, dr. or nurse kit, stuffed animal

Serena: Loves jewelry, necklace, bracelet, clip on earrings (no pierced ones please) (sturdier rather than dainty), watch (will be learning to tell time so prefer one with hands rather than a digital, barbie

Elizabeth: jewelry, necklace, bracelet, clip on earrings (no pierced ones please), watch for telling time so prefer one with hands rather than digital.

Timothy: _ vehicle, vehicle books

Vincent: _ vehicle

Zoe: — Pencil ( crayon ),toys which can create music or ringing

Donovan: -balls


Angela: ——infant books, snacks

Raegan: ——drawing board, school bag

Joshua——picture books

Ethan:—vehicle, building blocks, jigsaw

Robert: ——vehicle

Jadeyn:——cloth dolls with sounds, toys with music

Claire:——drawing board, hair bows, school bag

Samuel:——percussion instrument, building blocks

Judah:——balls, nesting cups, books

Evangeline:——toys with sounds (pref. non battery powered)

Caleb:——chalks, infant books, toys

Brooke:——infant toys, baby food

Josiah:——rice noodles, infant toys

Jayce:——rice noodles, infant toys

Anabelle:——cute hats and sunglasses, pretty dress

Evie: ——infant toys, baby food

Willa---- She wants nice dress, hair stuff and beautiful doll

Joel ----- He wants cars, train

Camille ---- Nice dress and hair stuff (small ones)

Rosie---- Toy with lights and sound

Anton --- Toy for 1.5 years old and soft ball

Kiah --- cloth and toy


  1. Sherri,
    I will take sweet Serena! If she already has a sponsor let me know and you can pick someone for me!
    Thank you,

  2. She is not taken I have got you down for her! Thanks!


  3. Wonderful I see her wish list and will begin shopping!