Friday, September 17, 2010

Wish List for New Day Foster Home Children 2010

Below is the most up to date wish list for the children at New Day.

Anabelle - cute hats and sunglasses, pretty dress
Angela - infant books, snacks
Anton - Toy for 1.5 years old and soft ball
Aurora - (dolls,toy bricks)
Brooke - infant toys, baby food
Caleb - chalks, infant books, toys
Camille - Nice dress and hair stuff (small ones)
Chad - toys with music)
Claire - drawing board, hair bows, school bag
Cooper - balls, cars
Cora  - toys with music)
David- balls
Donovan -balls
Eliana  - (toys with music)
Elizabeth -  jewelry, necklace, bracelet, clip on earrings (no pierced ones please), watch for telling time so prefer one with hands rather than digital.
Emelia - (dolls, puzzles)
Ethan - vehicle, building blocks, jigsaw
Evangeline - toys with sounds (pref. non battery powered)
Evie - infant toys
Hannah -  Stickers, color/activities books, necklace, bracelet, stuffed dog toy
Henry ballstoys with music
Jack - balls, toy cars)
Jadeyn - cloth dolls with sounds, toys with music
Jamison  (cars,books,balls)
Jayce - infant toys
Jenifer toys with music
Jenna - Loves toy cars, dr. or nurse kit, stuffed animal
Joel - He wants cars, train
Joshua - picture books
Josiah - infant toys
Judah - balls, nesting cups, books
Judson - (cars ,balls)
Kiah - cloth and toy
Lindsey - (toy bricks,toy with music,balls)
Logan -(balls, toy cars)
Lucy -dollsbookstoys with music
Melody -  (dolls , electronic piano  )
Noah - (balls,cars, toys bricks)
Owen -(cars balls)
Philip - (cars,toy planes)
Polly - ( stuffed animals, toy with music)
Raegan - drawing board, school bag
Robert - vehicle
Rosie -  Toy with lights and sound
Samuel - percussion instrument, building blocks
Serena -  Loves jewelry, necklace, bracelet, clip on earrings (no pierced ones please) (sturdier rather than dainty), watch (will be learning to tell time so prefer one with hands rather than a digital, barbie
Shaun (toy bricks ,cars ,balls)
Timothy -  vehicle, vehicle books
Vincent - vehicle
Willa -  She wants nice dress, hair stuff and beautiful doll
William - balls, electronic piano
Zoe - dolls, toys with music or ringing, pencil (crayon),

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