Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shipping Update

Hi guys! I wanted to give a little update. We had our wrapping party on Saturday. We had lots of help and I REALLY appreciate it! We have recv'd right around $700 in shipping money. Not all of the sponsors were able to send in $25 for shipping...matter of fact quite a few of them were not able to do so. If everyone had sent $25 that would have been $1375 and we would have had plenty for shipping...However we are now short.

I am not able to cover the difference. Matter of fact I will only be able to check email and the blog myself until Thursday morning. I am going to be having a major (unexpected) back surgery on Thursday and I will be hospitalized for 4-8 days. My dear friend Tara and my family will be taking care of taking getting the packages weighed on Saturday and then we will know what our shipping need is for sure. There is just know way to know this until we get all the gifts. (We are still waiting on 5 that have been shipped but we haven't recv'd). Tara will be guest posting on this website as soon as she knows what our need is and I am going to have to depend on you my faithful followers to let others know about this need. I will be hospitalized and sedated and have no clue what is going on. I trust God to let the right ones know about this need. It's out of my hands. I am going to be out of work for months and even if I was working I don't normally have hundreds of dollars just hanging around :-)! Carrie needs these gifts by the 20th so we need to ship ASAP. I will be checking the blog again over the next few days. You can contribute via Pay Pal. All money will go toward the shipping. When we get enough to cover shipping I will have Tara post that as well. If any extra money is donated it will be used to buy warm clothes for a group of children here in my town that are VERY needy, my church is trying to help them. God knows my heart and he knows my limitations and I have no doubt that he will provide!

In Christ Alone,



  1. Oh Sherri, I will add you to my prayer list for Thursday...I have another friend having surgery that day so please know that I will be praying for you too! May the Lord allow everything to go very smoothly and may your recovery be so much better than expected! Bless you!

    I hope you received our box and shipping donation! Maybe it will help a little! I so want those angels at ND to be able to have their goodies in time! Thank you so much for organizing this, Sherri!

    Praying for you....


  2. Thank you for organizing this. We would have loved to have sponsored a child's gift but didn't know this was going on. Thank you for allowing us to still be part of this opportunity to share Christmas with New Day.


  3. My package will arrive on Friday... and the said Sat at the absolute latest. I also just made a $25 PayPal contribution to help with shipping. Praying you get all the funds needed. God bless! <><

    You already know this, but you are in my prayers Sherri. Take care! And thanks to Tara and everyone else who will be 'taking care of business' while you're away! Blessings to all!!