Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're getting closer on shipping!

Praise the Lord! I checked Pay Pal today and we have had over $300 in donations so far! Thank You!  I am going to try to get the boxes packed a weighed on Saturday so that we can get them shipped out the first of next week, please pray everything goes well so that we can get the gifts to the children as soon as possible. As I said before any money that is left over after postage and customs will be put toward Operation Giggle Stateside...we are trying to get Christmas for 22 children who live in a trailer park near our church. If you are interested in giving money toward OG Stateside please do it via the pay pal link and just put in the notes section that the money is for the local children. Once again, every penny that is not "earmarked" will go to shipping and customs first and any money left over will be allocated for the local children. Thank You all again!

I will be checking into the hospital today for my surgery which will be at 2:30 EST. Please pray for me and my family during that time. God Bless!!!


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  1. What is the status on OG? Did the gifts ship yet and will there be photos of the kids opening our gifts again this year? Please keep me posted if you get any photos or video. Thanks and God bless <><