Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Operation Giggle Guidelines

Operation Giggle Gift Guidelines
(updated because of change in box size)

If you would like to become a “Christmas Family” for one of the children at New Day please email me your name and email address along with which child you would like to sponsor. After I match you with a child you may begin buying Christmas gifts for your child. All gifts should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please be sure that your gifts will fit into one 12x12x12 box. We have to put all of the gifts in the same box so that we can ship them on a palate.

2. All gifts should weigh no more than 3lbs.

3. Gifts should not be wrapped. We need to be sure that each child is getting an even share of gifts. You may include sealed cards in your box.

4. Please only buy “fun” gifts such as toys, books, stuffed animals, jewelry, and things of that nature. The Foster Home has said that the children are well stocked in clothes and requested that we not send them. Also keep in mind that the Foster Home will not be able to afford to replace batteries and they can be very heavy to ship. We are not going to say that you can’t send battery operated toys but you should make sure you send extra batteries and keep the weight issue in mind.

5. You are responsible for getting the items to us. We are in Cleveland, TN just outside of Chattanooga. All gifts need to be received by us no later than December 1st in order to ensure they are wrapped, packed, shipped, and received by Christmas. When I assign your child I will send you an email with our mailing address included.

6. We are asking for each family to also include a $5.00 check or money order made out to Sarah’s Hope with Operation Giggle on the “for” line. This $5.00 will be used to go toward the $700-$1000 shipping bill, cost of boxes, and wrapping supplies. Any money left over will be forwarded to the Milk Money program at New Day.
I included a couple of pictures of the cuties just to convince you that it is worth while to go "here" to see the children of New Day. You can click on their pictures to read their profiles. We will be adding their pictures and profiles to the website here very soon until then feel free to go to the New Day site and pick the child you would like to sponsor. 12 of the children already have sponsors so make sure you lock in your choice soon!! God Bless!


  1. Regarding the equal distrubution of there a particular number that we should work toward? Obviously, larger toys are going to weigh more so I was thinking of 3 or 4 "medium sized" toys. Am I on the right track?

  2. Fantastic!! My children are already scanning the crowd to see who they'd like to shop for...besides their brother Evan (Forest) of course!

    This is something I had hoped to be able to do this Christmas for these kids...thank you for taking care of all the 'details.' We get the easy part in shopping.

    Does New Day have anything specific they'd like us to get for the child we choose? Maybe something the child is really into or a toy to help with therapy, etc?

  3. Awesome, just awesome idea. I just sent you an email. My two girls would love two New Day girlies to shop for!!

  4. So thankful for all of the help. I am working on a blog now with more specifics about the gifts. God Bless you all!