Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More updates!

Updated list 1:32 p.m. EST
Hi everyone! I have been MIA for the last few days. My son had Strep and it has been a long three days! We have had lots of people email me and request children to sponsor. I am so excited about what God is doing. I can not tell you how much fun it is to know that I'm not able to do something on my own and sit back and watch God show out and handle it like it is nothing! He is amazing and I love him so much.

This is an updated list of available children at this very moment. Please don't stone me if you email me in three hours and ask for a specific child and find out that they are taken. Right now at this very moment they are available (actually I just double checked and had to remove two of the kids I am telling you this is forever changing!).

Yan Xia
Yan Zhi

Also the following children are available but these children have been matched with their "Forever Families" by the CCAA and I want to give their families a chance to buy for them. If the families haven't contacted me by Monday October 19th I will begin matching these children with sponsors. If you know a "Forever Family" please be sure they know about this opportunity.

Shanna Elise

If you are a "Forever Family" and you don't see your child's name on here contact me anyway, someone may have already contacted me to say that if you didn't come forward they would like to sponsor your child. You have "first dibs" on them until the 19th. :)

I am going to be on a local radio station Mix 104.1 promoting Operation Giggle. You can listen live next Wednesday at 8:15 by tuning in if you are local or by going to their website: This is a great opportunity and I am so thankful that my sister gave me the idea of emailing one of the DJ's and telling them about Operation Giggle! Thanks Deanna!

We still need donations for shipping in a BIG way. I trust God to lead the people who he wants to give to our website and to the stores that are serving as donation/drop off locations. I will be posting a list of those up just as soon as I hear back from a couple of other shops.

Again, thank you for all of your support!!



  1. Hi, I am Drew's mom. I so love that you are doing this for these kids. These are a very special group of kids and they are going to love this. Thanks so much for thinking of them.
    Obviously we would like to send gifts to Drew, but do you want us to send them to you or just take care of it ourselves???

    Feel free to e-mail me if you need any help with anything. I will add your button to my blog and blog about what you are doing tomorrow.


  2. Sherri, WOW, WOW, WOW!

    Listen, I had a thought on the shipping. While I would really like to sponsor a child, I just know my limits right now w/ homeschooling and flu shots and … you know. Anyway, what if you broke down the cost of shipping to an approximate per gift/child and asked for people to sponsor shipping in that way? Just a thought, but might make it more meaningful even for those who donate monetarily to sort of think of it like they helped get this child's gifts over?

  3. Great idea Leslie...I will work on that today!