Monday, October 12, 2009

What an Amazing Day!

Wow it has been a long busy day! I want to write this blog before sleep deprives me of any details. So please excuse me if I misspell a word or something.

First of all God has provided sponsor families for all 62 New Day Children. Yippee Jesus!!!! I am so excited about that!

I asked him this morning to please take care of all of the children by Friday; I did this for a specific reason. I will go into more about that tomorrow. But he took care of it in 1 day. Less than 24 hours!!!!

He is amazing.

Two more things he did today that just touched me in a mighty way. First of all I have been worried from day one that one of the older kids might have a hard time getting matched. Well today a friend emailed me and said give me the one you think no one will want. OH WOW! I almost cried! So that precious soul is taken care of.

Also I have gotten several emails today saying just match me up with whomever, well for some reason I just couldn't give Kevin to anyone. I kept holding on to him and he was the last one. I have been a little worried about who would be last child to be matched just because it reminded me of a bad scene in a Mean Girls you I'm tired. Well I had believed God for all of these cuties to be taken care of and then when we got to the last one I had begun to panic a little. I just wanted them to all be taken care of TODAY. I was having to sit on my hands to keep from trying to "work it out on my own"...or mess it up on my Anyway finally after 6 p.m. tonight Tanya emailed me and told me that she had just let Kevin's "forever family" know about Operation Giggle. So his Mama emailed me and let me know she wanted to be his Christmas family too...of course. God was saving that precious Kevin for his Mama and I was worried to death that he had forgotten the last New Day kid. God answered a big question for me with that final "God Moment" and I have big news...but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that news because I am going to bed!!!

(I already have the post written...just feel like I should wait till in the morning and one thing today has taught me is to wait when God says wait!)

Also for all of you detail people out there (I am one) today is exactly two months since I posted my first blog!

Praise God and Goodnight!!!



  1. Oh I can't wait for tomorrow!
    Thanks again for all your efforts on behalf of these precious children!
    May the Lord richly bless you!
    Still giggling......;) His timing is always SO PERFECT!

  2. Sherri ~ I'm with Laine in thanking you for all of your time and efforts, and for putting yourself out there to be a vessel that the Lord could work have such a sweet servant's heart and I know He will bless you for that!! <><

    And Laine...your 'giggles' are contageous! You're just too cute!! ;)

    I love how God works when we wait on Him... His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT and he blessed me through this situation today, as well. He used it to teach me a few things that I can apply to my own situation right now. What an awesome God we serve!! <><

    G'nite to all of you, too!! Can't wait for tomorrow's big announcement...I know it's gonna be good! UGH!...teasers!! ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to the big announcement too! And I will be in touch with you tomorrow about the other matter we discussed.
    Thank you so much for organizing this. I pray you will be blessed richly in the process of blessing these kiddos' lives.