Friday, October 23, 2009


I have been writing this update in my head for a week, I have had a hard time wrapping my head around this all so that I can condense it to a form that other people will be able to digest.

I am going to just go over what we are doing for the YWAM from start to finish, that way if this is your first time on the website you don't have to go on a "fact finding hunt".

We are sponsoring children and widows out of Ethiopia that are connected to YWAM (Youth With A Mission). There are three groups of children/widows that we are sponosring.

I am breaking this down into to different catagories. The first catagory is the groups we will be sending GIFTS to.

We are seding gifts to one of the groups of children and to the widows. First, there are the children/young adults at the YWAM Mercy Devolopment. These are children/young adults that we need families to send 3lbs worth of Christmas gifts. You may click "here"  to see a list of these children. Some of the children have already been spoken for. The ones that still need to be matched with a Christmas Family are:
Ababa G’hiwot
Alem Kedani
Binyam Fekadu
Dawit Tadesse
Dawit Teshome
Epherem Kibru
Girma Garado
Jerusalem (Kimia)
Samuel Kader
Yohannes Teshome
Yohannes Wendesen

These children and young adults are in the system but for one reason or anohter can not be adopted. The older children have "aged out" of the program but they still deserve a great Christmas. Please pray about sponosring one of these children.
We are also buying GIFTS for the widow’s. I know this might be different than what you read before. But we have had a few adjustments and we can now send gifts to the widow’s. The limit for all gifts is 3lbs. This is so that we have room to get everything to Ethiopia in a limited amount of space (and weight). You can see the widow’s by clicking "here"  . All of the widow’s are still available. These women have seen, felt, and endured a lot in their lifetime; help us make sure that they feel the love of Christ this Christmas.

For the other two groups of children we will not be sending gifts. We will be looking for families to make a $25 donation to Operation Giggle and the send a Christmas card to the child. The Christmas card can include whatever you can fit in the envelope; such as stickers, hair bows, pictures, and other small items. With the $25 donation you send we will be having the older children from YWAM Mercy Development go and purchase gifts for the other children. This allows us to save on shipping as well as giving the YWAM kids the opportunity to give rather than receive. Joy at YWAM feels like this is going to be an awesome emotional and spiritual growing experience for those children. I know that it is “more fun” to pick out the gifts yourself but we need sponsor’s that are willing to realize what a great opportunity this for those older children and become sponsors. Your donation can be made on this site by clicking the “donate now” button. Please email me first to be sure that the child you want to sponsor is still available. Then donate and include the child’s name in the Note section of your donation. You can also email me to get the address to mail in a check or money order made out to Sarah’s Hope . I will be sending out an email with the address for you to mail the cards to.

The two groups we are supporting with the $25 and Christmas Card are the children at YWAM’s Widows and Orphans Home and the children from the village of T’ede.

You can click "here" to read the profiles of the Widows and Orphans home children. These children are adoptable and I can not put their pictures on the web. I can email you a picture of the child you want to sponsor at your request but this picture can not be posted anywhere on the web EVER. This is against adoption rules and could cause major problems. There are also some members of the staff and missionaries listed that you can sponsor for Christmas gifts.

The children/adults that are still available from this list are:

Tsehay (worker)
Roman (worker)
Abdissa Tadessa (director)

Please email me to sponsor one of these children.

The children from the T’ede village are children who live with their families but depend on YWAM to provide them with support for food and basic living expenses. You can click "here"  to read the children’s profiles and pictures. All of these children are still available to be sponsored.


Please email me if you would like to support one of these children.


We also would love to send money for food. The donations for food are not on a tight deadline and we will be accepting them until further notice.

One last note, there are 25 other children who are part of a new program. There are 25 of these children. You can click "here"  to read all about them. I would love to help these children. For $25 we could get them all a new outfit and some better shoes. I want all of the children we have taken so far covered before I add these 25 children. So if you were waiting to the last minute to take a child please think about going ahead and doing it now so that I can add these sweeties!

Thanks for reading this VERY LONG BLOG! Have a great weekend!

Because of Christ,



  1. you can also support YWAM (general fund) by using their Yahoo search page or toolbar . Or go to and apply for an account of your own for this specific effort. It's open to any charity, so you should be able to do that.

  2. Thank you so much for all this work.
    May the Lord bless the work of your hands my friend!
    We are almost finished with our Ethiopian YWAM shopping...and still have to do our China New Day shopping!

  3. Mike and I would love to help. We would love to have someone where Kelly and Kenli are.
    Thanks for what you are doing.

  4. Tara,

    That would be great. Do you know what age or if you would rather sponsor a boy or a girl. Email me that information at and I'll assing you one of the kids with Kelly and send you their picture.



  5. Hey Lady, Where are we on children left? Have any of these above been taken in the last few days?

  6. Hi Chrystie, All of the children listed in this post as available are still available. It's been quiet the last few days. Hope you are having a great Monday!