Thursday, October 22, 2009

Children from T'ede

 We have another group of children to be soponsored. These sweeties live in T'EDE. There is more information about the village below. Please email me if you would like to sponsor these children with a $25 donation for a gift and by sending in a Christmas card for the child (packed with stickers, toys and whatever you can fit in the envelope of course!).


T’ede (teh’ – day) is a village where the people farm for a living. Most of the farms are small subsistence farms and the people are poor. YWAM’s outreach to T’ede is done from the Adama Widows and Orphans Home and seeks to bring relief to the very poorest of the poor. The orphanage director, Tezera, was raised in this village and her sister’s husband is the only pastor there.


Abebe is 6 years old and lives with her mother (her father is deceased) who in unable to provide income for the little family. She likes pasta and orange juice and loves to play ‘running rope.’

Besufekad is 2-years-old. He is an active little boy who likes to play. His family is extremely poor and they count on the monthly sponsorship of a family in the U.S. to meet their needs for food and clothing.

Hana is 4 years old. Her mother was a young schoolgirl when she gave birth to Hana. She had to quit school to care for her daughter and continues to live with her widowed mother working as she can as a daily laborer.

Tzibt is 2 years old and she was born to a mother who abandoned her to the care of her grandmother. Her father is unknown. Her grandmother sold alcohol or begged to try to earn money.

Tsion is 3 years old and has a mother who is alive. They live in the village of Tede. Her mother gave birth to Tsion after she was raped and gave Tsion her grandfather's name instead of her father's, as is customary. Tsion's mother works as a daily laborer and makes about $.80 a day, which is approximately $16 a month.

Endale is 8 years old and lives in the little town of T’ede. She lives with her extended family who are unable to provide income for themselves. Sponsorship provides her with food and school tuition.
7-year-old Abraham’s father died in military service when he was 3-years-old leaving him and his mother without any income or means of support. His mother is a daily laborer and, on a good day, can earn 15 birr, or less than $2.00 a day. She has been struggling for four years to try to provide food and shelter, but has been asking the Lord to please help her.

Tarikua is 7 years old. Her mother has no husband and works as a daily laborer which barely provides enough to keep her family alive.
Berhanu is 7 years old and lives with a relative in T’ede. His father and mother died of HIV related causes and his grandmother is unemployed and cannot care for him. Berhanu is HIV+ but is responding well to the antiviral medication he is receiving

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