Friday, October 30, 2009

Updated List and Gift Ideas for YWAM Families

Updated list of all available children/adults/widow's to be sponsored. I divided them into two groups.

Need to be sponsored with a 3lb gift.

Epherem Kibru Male, 17
Kaleab Getu 18
Binyam Fekadu Male, 14
Dawit Tadesse Male, 14
Dawit Teshome Male, 13
Yohannes Teshome Male, 12
Mena, Female, 22
Lidya Female, 21
Jerusalem (Kimia) Female, 19
Alem Kedani Female, 19
Ababa G’Hiwot female, 20
Tsehay Female, 19
Roman Female, 18
Abdissa Tadessa Male, 29
Likelesh Geda Female, 70
Dinke Aliton Female, 66
Gette Gemechu Female, 78
Mamite Nemo Female, 78
Yetnebersh Gema Female, 65
Amina Rebo Female, 65

Need to be sponsored with a $25 donation and a Christmas Card including stickers, small toys ect. (whatever will fit in the envelope).

Abdissa Male, 5
Tamarit Male, 3
Yonas Male, 5
Tesfaye Male, 8
Mihiret Female, 6
Arsema Female, 6
Ytbarek Male, 8
Mesulu Female, 11
Dejen Male, 8
Assefa Male, 7
Abebe Female, 6
Hana Female, 4
Berhanu Male, 7
Tarikua Female, 7
Endale Female, 8
Tsion Female, 3
Tzibt, Female, 2
Besufekad Male, 2

Abraham Male, 7

Also several of you have asked me for a ideas for gifts. I spoke to Joy and these are the ideas she gave me.

  • Board games .... because of size, maybe travel games like Sorry, Checkers, Battleship, Guess Who.
  • For the older girls, nail polish, files, polish remover pads; hand/body cream, new, nice tooth brush and small tooth paste; lip gloss in a nice little zipper kit. (I save bags I get from Clinique or Mary Kay, for instance)
  • They have backpacks for school, but they might enjoy a school zipper bag with a nice mechanical pencil (and led) and pens (different colors) and maybe a small drawing pad.
  • Polo shirts or t-shirts for the guys ... Christian t-shirts especially for both boys and girls.
  • Cross/Christian necklaces for both boys and girls. Inexpensive watches.
  • Bracelets and hair stuff (for Black hair) as all girls like to look pretty!
  • A new pillowcase!
  • For the two younger girls .... do they make paper dolls anymore? Or a simple craft kit. A pretty skirt (on the longer side). New flip-flops that are pretty. Pretty shirts, new jammies.
  • Stuffed animal
  • Small hard candies (so they don't melt or break)
  • Small sewing kit, deodorant, new toothbrush, tooth paste, breath mints/gum, chap stix ... could be stuck in with something else
  • Sweats are easy because they don't have to fit perfectly.
  • DVDs (go for it! .... they like all kinds; what your kids would like .... super heros, Christian stories, animations). Their English is quite good, especially receptive. I am sure those who are doing this project would use discretion as to content.
  • For Abdissa (the director .... not sure he is on there) a nice Bible cover/carrier, pads to write on, nice pen, cell phone case for his belt, new belt, cotton shirt (he is a medium) long or short sleeves (no iron would be fabulous), sweater vest, new tie, socks, wallet
  • Socks! The boys would enjoy athletic socks, the girls pretty, unique ones
  • Flash lights. Electricity is only on every other day. The boys might even enjoy those head lights. That way they could read at night.

 I hope this helps those of you who are buying gifts. Also I will be sending this out in an email with the address to mail your gifts to included. Please check your email. Thanks!


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