Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More YWAM children! (Edited)

Edited Friday 10/16/09 to add another child and the Director to the list!

These are Children who need sponsors to make a $25 donation and send a Christmas card. We can not post pictures of these children because they can be adopted. I can forward pictures once you decide to sponsor a child but these pictures can not be posted online for ANY reason. If you decided to sponsor one of these children we ask that you make the donation on line through our secure PayPal donation button or buy emailing me at and mailing your donation to the address I provide no later than November 10, 2009. Here are the children and their stories:

Name: Abdissa & Tamarit

Ages: 5 ½ and 3 ½
These brothers were brought to the orphanage director’s home by their mother, who battles mental illness. She cannot provide for them and asked that YWAM find a loving family for the boys.

 Names: Tesfaye, Bilusuma & Mihiret
Ages: 8, 7 and 6
The boys’ mother died of AIDS and their father is struggling to provide for them. He is also raising his niece, Mihiret. He cannot earn enough to meet their needs. These kids are high energy and lots of fun!

Name: Beza

Age: 8
Beza’s parent’s are in jail for the next 15 years and her aging grandmother cannot care for her. They left her at YWAM’s orphanage in hopes that a family could adopt her.

Name: Cherinet
Age: 6 ½
Cherinet’s parents died when he was a baby. His 11 year old sister tried to care for him but was overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing for and caring for him. A family promised to take him but then changed their minds. YWAM took him in to their orphanage.

Name: Yonas
Age: 5
Yonas’ father was killed and his mother was left in extreme poverty. She brought her little boy to YWAM’s orphanage asking that he be chosen for adoption by a loving family able to give him a future.

Name: Arsema and Ytbarek
Ages: 6 and 8 ½
These siblings lost their father to tuberculosis six years ago when Arsema was a tiny baby. Their mother had a heart condition that left her unable to care for her two youngest children – they are the youngest of nine.

Name: Mesulu, Dejen and Assefa
Ages: 11, 8 and 7
The parents of these siblings are both dead – the mother died of HIV and the father died in an accident. They arrived at YWAM’s orphanage in a very malnourished state. Their aging grandfather brought them because he was unable to take care of them and requesting that a Christian family adopt them.

Name: Kalkidan

Age: 5 ½
Kalkidan has been lovingly cared for, until very recently, by her grandmother and mother who was widowed three years ago. She has an older brother who is 17. Her father died of AIDS and her mother also has AIDS, which makes her an outcast in Ethiopia and with no income.

These rest of these are not adoptable children but we would like to sponsor with a $25 donation and a card anyway they are:

Name: Kenli
Age: 10
Kenli is the daughter of an American missionary mom who is serving and living at YWAM’s Widows and Orphans Home. She is being homeschooled by her mom and learning firsthand about a life of service in a foreign country! (Her grandmother said she is absolutly not up for adoption! :-) I am sure her Mom feels the same way!)

Name: Tsehay

Age: 19
Tsehay was an orphan herself and adopted by YWAM’s orphanage director, Tezera, and raised as her daughter. She now works for YWAM’s Widows and Orphans Home caring for the children as a nanny. She is a good cook, too!

Name: Roman

Age: 18
Roman was also an orphan who Tezera took in. She ran away from Tezera’s family, had a child which she abandoned, and eventually returned to Tezera to ask forgiveness. She is also working as a helper at YWAM’s orphanage.

Name: Abdissa Tadessa

Age: 29
Abdissa is the YWAM Children's Home Director. We want to thank him for the work he does by sending him a gift package also. The sponsor family for Abdissa may send an actual gift.

Thank you Becky for all of your help getting this information together! Please forward this information to your family and friends so we can get all of these kids taken care of! Thanks guys!


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