Thursday, December 17, 2009

Int'l shipment release=Yippee Jesus!

They released it and it will be delivered today (will tonight while we sleep). So the first four boxes are through. Now we just have to get the last two through. Please continue to pray!!

Thank You God!



  1. WooHoo!!!! I just jumped on blogger to see if you had updated...4 down 2 to go!

    God is Great!

  2. Praise God!!! He'll get those last two boxes through, too! :)

  3. Yeah!! I am so glad. Can't wait for them all to see their gifts when they arrive!!

  4. FANTASTIC!! They'll get through...God doesn't do things part way!! PTL!!! I'm SO excited to see the kiddos opening up their special gifts... in particular, as special little cutie patootie that can't be home this year...SO excited!! :) Praying NewDay takes LOTS and LOTS of photos...and video would be awesome, too!! Thanks for keeping us posted!

    Merry Christmas! <><