Monday, December 28, 2009


My new blog is being designed now so it will only be another week or so and I will move this discussion to that blog and keep this one about Operation Giggle stuff only but until then...

I have a recipe for you!

How to become completely unsatisfied with living under God's expectation level for you:

1. You must be saved for this to even matter. If you are great, if not email me I have an amazing (but true) story about the God of this universe leaving his throne to save you. I would love to share what his salvation did for me.

2. Watch God show up and show out in some unbelievable way (like providing Christmas to 130 children through a little blog with a silly name.)

3. Meet some awesome spirit-filled men and women along the way, allow them to encourage you and ask God to help you encourage them. Watch God be BIG in their lives.

4. Challenge yourself to read at least one of these AWESOME blogs....

oh this could last all day...I've got to stop.

5. Be a member of a spirit-filled church with a Pastor who loves God more than he loves the approval of men.

6. Pick up a copy of Crazy Love and READ IT!

7. Fall in love with a former orphan who just happens to be your best friend’s daughter (which makes her your niece).

8. It also helps to be married to a wonderful Godly man who is going through it all with you but more times than not you have to pray that God will help his heart catch up with yours...after all men are formed and women are fashioned...but that's for another day.

All of these things happening over a few months will make you COMPLETLY and TOTALY sick of yourself. It will make you realize how BIG God is and how he intends us to leave a mark on this world...not just tip-toe through it while doing your best to be comfortable.

Now for a (long) quote from Crazy Love....

"If one hundred people represented the world's population, fifty-three of those would live on less than $2 a day. Do you realize that if you make $4000 a month, you automatically make one hundred times more than the average person on this planet? Simply by purchasing this book (Crazy Love) you spent what a majority of people in the world will make in a week's time.

Which is more messed up-that we have so much compared to everyone else, or that we don't think we're rich? That on any given day we might flippantly call ourselves "broke" or "poor"? We are neither of those things. We are rich. Filthy rich."

I will warn you. Being unsatisfied with mediocrity doesn't feel good. It makes you second guess that $5 cup of coffee and hate that gas guzzling car you drive. It makes you want to spend nothing and give everything but it's not until we realize how much excess is around us that we can stop the financial bleeding and begin to align ourselves to his purpose. Please pray for my family as we go through this change...we want to be transformed in HIS true image. Not the image we have of him.

In Christ Alone,


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  1. Thanks, Sherri. May it be so for us both. Much love.