Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Update!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! We got snow here in TN today so it has been a great day!

I have all of the gifts except for 4 of them. If I don't get those today I will have to look for other sponsors locally or take some of our money to sponsor these children.

I also noticed today that the following names had been added to the New Day Home Page however they were not showing up under new arrivals and I haven't seen them until today:

Matthias (he looks familiar does anyone know if this is just a name change?)
Li Yang
Feng NV
Li Qun

I will be emailing Carrie about these but I am afraid these are new children without sponsors. If you live in the area and would be willing to buy gifts for one of these children please email me. If you live somewhere else but you want to give extra money to buy for these children please let me know. Even if we spend only $20 a child that is almost $200. Our total right now is around $1000. If Shipping (and buying the boxes only costs $850.00 that means we have between $150-$200 which would mean that all the extra money would go to buying gifts not Milk Money. Please pray about this. It didn't surprise my God when I saw these names I am sure he has a plan. Part of that plan may be evening out what was bought for the other children because we had several boxes that weighed WAY more than 3lbs....I love you people!

Trusting God to get us through this home strech!!!



  1. Matthias is a name change. I believe he was "Adam" before.

  2. Hi There - Matthias was Aaron before. The rest of the children are brand new in our Hohhot foster care project. Unfortunately, we won't see them at Christmas, so you don't need to worry about gathering gifts for them right now. I think you still have everyone covered. And no worries, if we happen to have a child come who doesn't have a present in your box, we'll find something locally and wrap it up for them to open. No need to stress!

  3. Great carrie! That is such good news! I have already purchased a few things so I will send them and you can use them when new children come in. Thanks again!!!

  4. Oh yes, Matthais was mine but I gave him to his new waiting Mama....I did email you about that. I couldn't stand her not knowing about Operation I shared :) I remembered that he was placed through Small World so I called them and they passed the info on to his new family! :)