Thursday, December 3, 2009

Praise God for He is good and worthy of our praise!

I have GREAT news!!! I spoke with F*dEx today about shipping our gifts. After looking at the gifts I am convinced that we just don't need two pallets to get it all there. So I talked to a great guy who helped me out and he said if we can fit all of the gifts in two 24 by 24 boxes (which I think we can 31 gifts in each box) it will only cost us $840.20 to ship...Plus the cost of the boxes and shipping supplies...this means we should be able to ship for around $900! We were counting on somewhere between $1300 and $1500! So we should be able to send the milk program between $400 and $600! Praise God!

Thank you all so much for praying over this need! Please plan to attend the party on Sunday at Fairview to wrap and prepare these gifts for shipping. We need all of the help we can get! I will be taking the boxes to ship them on Monday morning and I will be posting the final shipping total here along with how much we were able to send for the Milk Money program. Please be praying that all of those gifts will fit into the boxes...I know the same God that made a few fish and a little bread feed over 5000 can make 31 presents fit into a 24x24 box! I have no doubt that God's hand of provision and protection has been on top of this effort this entire time. I have had such a wonderful time on this journey. I have made friends that I know will last a life time and I am a little sad to see it end. But I am not so sure that it has to end at all...after all Valentines Day is in February...I know that those cuties could use a little extra love...but lets just get Christmas taken care of first!

By the way I still have a few people who haven't sent me their gift yet...just 3 or 4 but please get those gifts over-nighted to me today! I will be forced to go and purchase gifts using some of our funds that I would like to send for Milk Money if I don't have them by Saturday at lunch...I don't want to do that but I can't let any little cuties go without gifts!

Thank you all so much for your help but most of all THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for all of your good gifts in my life!!

In Christ Alone,



  1. Sherri, you better believe I'll be praying that all those gifts will fit on one pallet! It's so awesome to see God working on our behalf in this!!!

  2. Sherri that is SO awesome!!!!!!
    You got our gifts for Kevin, I hope?
    Thank you SO much for doing this!!!!!!!!

  3. Sherri,
    I am a little sad too!! I have enjoyed seeing God's hand provide for these children. It has been so rewarding. I am glad to have met you, a sister in Christ, and become such friends!! I am sure we will be doing much more of this for children in need. We will see to it! I am so excited to see them open their gifts. Want it be worth all our hardwork?? I am looking forward to see what doors God opens in the future.


  4. Can I just take a moment to laugh a little...I had called a pallet company to get a donation for us to ship on...I needed 2 originally...well now I don't need one at all...a friend went to pick them up for me (before I knew that I didn't need them) and he just texted me to say they gave him 8. LOL! God's provision just cracks me anyone need a plastic pallet?