Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well it's 6:33 a.m. here in TN but I just had to get up to see the pictures Carrie was sending me and it was well worth it. I thought I would go ahead and post them just because I know there are other mommies and daddies and sponsors out their dying for a glimpse of their little one this morning. So I am going to post as a slideshow. If you want a picture emailed to you email me and I will be glad to send you a copy!

First I wanted to share some of Carrie's email:

Well, Christmas morning was a big success! The gifts were amazing - please thank everyone for us. It's clear a lot of thought and love went into picking out the presents. We got at least one picture of every child with their gifts; I'm sorry there aren't more, but it was so chaotic and hard to take pictures of 50 children all at once! Please tell all of your sponsors to watch the foster home's website in the coming days, because we're working on some scrapbooks, so you might be able to see more pictures of your sponsored children there. the end you should have at least one picture of each child except the following little ones who were in the hospital and will get their presents later:

Hong Nan

And the Hohhot foster children. We'll do our best to take the presents and get them to those children, but in the last month, some of the children who were in our program no longer are... so, they might not go to the original child. But, we'll do our best to pass out the gifts and get pictures...

... We hope you enjoy the pictures... please share them with the sponsors and pass on our appreciation. Operation Giggle was a HUGE success, and I hope this becomes a tradition!

I agree that this should become a tradition but I now have a better understanding of how to do it. So I will start Operation Giggle Christmas 2010 in September. But continue to check back because I plan on doing some other things throughout the year. Also I want to remind you that if you see some other little sweetie opening a gift you bought for a specific child it might be because your gift weighed thirty pounds and we had to break it up :) I know, I know, it is hard to stop buying for them once you we did send a large box of extras to Carrie so they can bless the new little one's as they arrive. Thank You again for all of your help! But most of all PRAISE GOD for working the crooked places out and allowing all of this to happen. God Bless You All and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Now what you've all been waiting for...let the giggling begin...


  1. I was too busy crying to get any giggling in! I think this little slideshow might just be the highlight of my Christmas! What JOY to see these children openining their gifts!

  2. Sherri,
    So glad to see things were such a success!! We were opening gifts at the in-laws and ran into check the website. The whole family was blessed!! It was the icing on the cake for our family Christmas celebration. Thanks for sharing and hope you are feeling better.

    We need a couple of the photos emailed. Please send Debra, Claire, Allen, and David's photos to my email. Thanks!!


  3. Sherri,

    Thank you so much for posting this. It was a highlight of our day to get to see the kids with their gifts. My oldest (4) said, "Let's go get her." when I showed him the pic of "our little girl." He knows we are getting a baby sister from China, just doesn't quite understand that this was the one we bought Christams for, not our baby sister.

    Thank you again for posting this.

  4. Thank you for posting these! I think we all were so excited for our kids at home as much as all the kids at New day!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Hope you have a blessed holiday!
    Can you email me Elizabeth's photos!

  5. Thanks for posting the pictures. It's so much fun to see these little cuties with their gifts!